Landscaping Services


Combine all of our services and experienced staff and make the full scope project happen. Landscaping is a big undertaking and requires detailed design, careful planning and the right staff and project management to execute successfully. Not only do we bring all of this to the table, but our sister divisions add drainage, septic, and full fleet excavation. Not many companies can claim that!

Waterscapes and Swim Ponds


Design through to construction of major water feature projects is a passion. Pro Holmes has experienced developing one of Vancouver Islands largest private residential water features and has handled a host of medium and small scale waterscapes. Koi ponds, swim ponds, waterfalls and rivers from 50GPM to 20000GPM are well within our scope.

Rock Walls


Rock work is an art and can result in multi-generational enjoyment or a jumble of stones if done incorrectly. We pride ourselves on our rock walls and staircases and aim to create long lasting, no maintenance retaining walls and stairs.



Let us make your yard green again with an on staff level 2 irrigation specialist and in house horticulturist, we not only know how to install the system, but also how it should be used. 



We love fencing installations of all types, and handle a wide array. Cedar fencing, farm fencing and custom fencing along with the machine prep work and machine auger are tools we have in our inventory for your next fencing project.

Concrete Curbs and Walks


Lets add a side walk or driveway to your project. Whatever you want to achieve, we do it all in-house. Exposed aggregate, brushed or smooth finishes on flat work is what we like to do.